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Wireless Setup

Basic Wireless Router    Encryption Setup

This is a list of the most basic procedures used to setup a wireless router.

  1. Connect your router, Modem and at least one computer together with the appropriate network cables.
  2. Turn on power to the computer, modem Then router.
  3. Access your router through your PC by entering a predefined address into your web browser. The Address could be a number like  or a name  as
  4. Enter the default user name, it may be admin.
  5. Enter the default password, please change the password next. Record the password for future use.
  6. Navigate to security settings.
  7. Choose WPA encryption and enter a strong pass phrase. Record the pass phrase for future use.
  8. On all your wireless networked computers set up your connections. Access the wireless program settings for the computers in your network.
  9. Choose WPA encryption on your computer and all the computers that are on your home network. Use the same pass phrase you created for your router.
  10. You may need to set the MAC address of each computer in the network into your router settings.

All wireless routers are different, there can be no guarantee that these steps will match yours. Hopefully, this list will  explain some of the main steps you need in setting up your wireless connection.

 If you are still having problems please contact us for more advice.


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