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Child Safety



     Basic Child Safety Advice

  1. Supervise your children online or use software to keep track of there usage.
  2. Talk to your children about what is appropriate behavior for them online.
  3. Let them know that online not everyone is who they say they are . A 13 year old girl may actually be a 25 year old man.
  4. Never give out your password to friends and strangers.
  5. Never give out your personal information. Including your school, sports team or phone number.  Tell your parents if any one wants your personal information.
  6. Never make plans to meet someone in person without talking to your parents first.
  7. If you hear, read or see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable tell your parents.
  8. Do not share files on your computer without telling your parents.
  9. Know who is sending you e-mails before you open them or download attachments.
  10. Learn who to contact if something goes wrong online.


Child Safe Browser Systems

    Kid Rocket                                     A site for parents of children 2 to 14. Free browser that allows access to only parent approved sites like         

These Sites will help you teach your kids more about online safety

Parent Training                               Basic Child Computer Safety-US Goverment Program

Largest Private Child Safety help group                                                            

Child Training and games                               FBI Child Internet Safety Bus Trip             

Disney online safety training game                                                                         



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