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Self Help


An average curious and motivated person can repair and secure their own personal computer.

Warning, after you get experience fixing your computer you may find that friendís and family members will ask you to repair their computers also.

Following are pages that will help you secure your computer. Also, the side bar will direct you to sites that may answer some of your questions.  Further, our associate search will help you find professional quality help, if you need it.

If losing your computer will cause a catastrophic lose of information or productivity you should hire an experienced professional to accomplish the service or repair.

We recommend that before you attempt any repairs or changes to your computer that you create full backups of all your files and system.

If you ever need assistance we would love to help you.


This Way


No computer system can be made 100% secure and no security measure is 100% fool proof. A balance needs to be created between the need for safety and the most common threats. It has been shone that any security system can be breached, if an intruder has enough skill, time, and ingenuity.

Deep thought needs to be given into how secure your computer needs to be.

If you access sensitive information, or have a high profile, you may need more security.

Also, applying too much security could be overly restrictive and render your system frustrating, or useless for your needs.

New computer threats and exploits are being created and invented everyday which makes security a constant concern. You need to be constantly aware of your systems protections and vulnerabilities.


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